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A1 Air is one of the rare Finnish producers of facemasks and mouth and nose covers that reaches up to the highest level of the European standard committees (CEN) filter effectiveness (BFE) test demands (EN 14683) level. Disposable surgical mouth and nose covers have the highest Type IIR-class, which means that their filtration effectiveness against bacteria is over 98%. The valveless respirator masks have FFP2 and FFP3 classifications and their filtration effectiveness against bacteria is over 99%.


Most of the masks produced in Finland are made of canvas or are disposable nose and mouth covers which do not reach the filtration effectiveness criteria for BFE or only reach their lowest level. Finns are known to favour domestic products and it is important to support domestic economy, especially during these hard times. A1 Air brings Key flag -marked, high-quality, and safe face masks and mouth and nose covers to the market that are made in Finland.


A1 Air face masks and nose and mouth covers are produced in Klaukkala, Finland, in our own factory. The production capacity at the moment is 100.000 - 120.000 masks per day. The face masks are produced from high-quality material and designed with care. The materials used, makes the face masks very soft; they do not itch or rub uncomfortably. It is like a soft hug for your face, making it very pleasant to use. In addition to this, the ear loops are made of gradually opening elastic material, enabling them to fit all kinds of faces and decreasing the rub behind the ear. This makes them also nature friendly: the loops will not get stuck in birds or other small animals’ feet. The fact that face masks ends up in the nature has been a problem, and although we cannot necessarily influence the behaviour of people and that they should throw used masks in the garbage bin, we can by our design try to have a positive impact on our beautiful nature. By purchasing and using products made by A1 Air you support domestic work and protect not only yourself but also others by following recommendations. We are in this situation together and we will get through this together. You can trust in a domestic, high-quality and safe product when buying it from A1 Air.