User terms


Crossfix Oy/ A1 Air (later A1Air) is bidden to protect its clients privacy and offers a possibility to influence on the treatment on the information. With these user terms we inform our customers about the treatment of their personal information. The customer has to accept these user terms in order to use A1Air:s services. 

The information we collect can be shared in given by the user, user of online service and information collected by analytic observation.

Information that we use:

  • Producing a help friendly and safe service 

  • Producing a good customer experience

  • Enhancing the product recommendation and marketing

  • Developing the customer service and the web shop

Register holder and its contact information:

Crossfix Oy (Business Id: 2812685-2)

Address: Valkjärventie 45, 01800 Klaukkala


You can ask about user terms and treatment of personal information by e-mail:

What information can be collected of me?

  • The information that the user gives or the information to recognize the user:

    • Recognizing information such as name

    • Contact information such as address, e-mail and phone number

    • Payment information, including credit deals and other charging information

  • Observations led by use of our services and led by analytics:

    • Buying history, bought products and the price information

    • Delivery information such as chosen delivery option and address

    • Product reviewals

    • The use of the web shop and its browser information and the recognizing information of the end station.

    • Product reviewal and other directed content used information and recognition

Recognition-, contact- and payment information is compulsory when shopping on web shop through the internet

The source of personal information is the user

To what is my information used?

Personal information is used to:

  • Maintain the customer ship

  • Delivery, treatment and archiving of the orders

  • To improve and develop the service if A1Air

  • To enhance the customer experience

  • Analytics and statistics purposes

  • To produce more personal content and marketing

  • To block misuse

  • To provide a better customer service

The information is treated in according to the customers and A1Airs customer relationship, agreement, use of the website, the precise consent by the customer or legally obligation.

How is my information stored and protected?

All personal information is protected of any inappropriate entrance and by mistake and by illegal disposable, changing, handover, transferring of information or other illegal treatment. stores customer information in Finland. Our servers are protected against data theft an Denial of Attacks.

We use appropriate data protection in treatment of personal information and in our technical solutions such as the information consolidation, minimization, pseudonymous, randomization and encrypting. In treatment of personal information, we have considered the EU:s data protecting-regulations demands that has started 25.5.2018. 

All access to personalinformation is monitered according to good custom.

Who handles my private information? web shops employees and our webmaster are the only ones who have access to the customer information. Our personnel are educated to handle information safely and ethically. Each one of our staff has access to customer information on a need to know basis, according to their duty's on the job.

We use reliable partners in which information can be transferred to a third party. EU:s data protecting-regulations and other legislative demands have been considered in all of our agreements with our partners.

Company that is responsible for handling if the information:

Crossfix Oy (Business Id: 2812685-2)

Address: Valkjärventie 45, 01800 Klaukkala

How long is my information stored?

We store personal information only the time needed so that we can fulfill the needs of this user terms. In additional to this, some of the information can be stored longer in those cases that it is necessary for legislative demands such as bookkeeping and customer business responsibility's and their adequate real designation.

We can remove or anonymisize personal information in our system if the customer so asks. Removal and anomysization procedure is final and we can´t restore removed customer accounts. 

To some of the information, there is legislative obligation to store information longer. For example for the following purposes:

  • The law of bookkeeping defines longer storage of information according to if the information contains personal information or not.

  • Fulfillment of obligation according to consumer deals.

  • Systems log-information is collected and stored according to the law so that we can provide a safe web shop to our customers. 

  • Sufficient taking of backups of the stores database and to secure the systems information, to fix error and to secure data protection and continuity

What rights do I have?

As a customer, you have the right to:

  • Get access to information about you, also included to have a copy of your personal information

  • Ask that information about you is corrected or deleted

  • In certain cases, ask to restrict handling or oppose handling of your personal information

In according to this, if the handling is based on a separate consent, you have the right to withdraw your consent at any time. Please remember that this does not affect information collected before the ask to withdraw.

You can request by being in contact with our customer service. The request should be sufficient enough so that our customer service can verify your identity. We will inform you if we can´t fulfill your request for example, delete all your information that we have a lawful obligation (for example credit information) or right. 

If you notice that there is faults in the handling or it´s against the law, you have the right to make a complaint to the  office of the dataprotection ombudsman.

How do I get access to the information stored in the system?

You can request to get the information stored about you in system by being in contact with us by e-mail:

How can I affect the use of my information? is committed to offer it´s customers a possibility to affect on the handling of their information.

You can choose about directed marketing, value-added service and to receive or not to receive different marketing messages. We develop our services continuously so there is a chance that we add, change or take away features.

The customer can at any time end his or hers customer account and ask to delete his or hers information by being in contact with our customer service:

Obs! In some cases all of the information can not be deleted and the legislation can demand that we store some of the information about the customer.

Is my personal information handed over to third parties?

We can hand over some necessary information to third parties due to secure the delivery and for marketing. Your information is also forwarded to the credit institutions in connection with approval of credit. 

We use customer information with third parties also for analytics- and personifying. The information used for analytics- and personifying is anonymized and pseudonymized according to the possibilities. Only we can connect used pseudonymized information to your name. 

If needed, we also hand over information to the authorities, We always inform the customer about such a request if it´s according to the law.

We hand over information to following third parties:

  • Analytics- and statistic partners

  • Product recommendation- and personifying partners

  • E-mail marketing partners if the customer has approved newsletters, browser history based communication or product review requests 

  • SMS-partners when text-messaging is allowed

  • Transportation company's if the chosen way of delivery s to the nearest pickup-point, closest mail office or all the way home

  • Payment broker when transaction is made by payment card

  • Credit institution if the customer has chosen credit or hire purchase as a way of payment

  • To the customs when buying duty-free products

  • Collectors if the bill is due or moved to collectors takes care that the highest level of EU:s Data protection-regulations data protection is according to transferring and handling the information. The assurance of third parties handling of the information is assured by Europe's commissions accepted convention clause, regulations that is obligatory to concerns (BCR-arrangement), EU-US Privacy shield -agreement or other accepted way of the data protection -regulation.

The customer can delimit handing over information for marketing- and analytics purposes.

Do we use cookies on the webshop site and what are they? uses cookies and other similar technics as the browsers local storage. The cookies are small text-files between the end-stations browser and the serve. The cookies and other identifications has a limited validity after which the browser deletes the identification. We use these technics to accomplish our functions, personification and analytics and directed marketing. 

Functionally cookies and local storage is used i.a. to recognize the customer, admit login, assessment of shipment and shopping basket functions. Cookies and local storage is obligatory for these functions and is obligatory to accept them. The functional cookies set by the server and the local storage changer is stored in the browser 15 min - 1 month, unless they are not singly deleted from the servers settings. Visit on the website renews cookies and the local storage when the server allows it.

The information used in analytics or directed marketing is anonymized always when it´s possible. Otherwise we always handle information as personal in which parts the identification contains information that singles out the customer, such as the IP-address. Also identification which is connected to the customer in any way is handled as a personal information. The identification used for analytics and directed marketing has a limited time of validity of 30 seconds - 24 months.
We use Google Analytics i.e. website, popular products trends and analytics of sales. The information sent to Google is anonymisized.  Read more about Google Analytics handling of information .

Can these user terms be changed?

We reserve the right to change the user terms for develop our services and due to changes in the legislation. Significant changes in the user terms will be informed to registered customers when the terms are updated. 

Where can I be in contact?

In matters of privacy, handling of the information and user terms, you can send us an e-mail: